Like the song says—a world where every artist, musician and creator has the opportunity to share, trade or simply distribute their material as they feel. Imagine a place where every musician has the opportunity to be in control of what they do and how they do it. Imagine a place where you do not have to be discovered by a record label from the traditional corporate infrastructure or from a famous person in order to be successful, to do what you love or become a billionaire. If it’s hard for you to do this, we will show it to you. It’s called, Musaic

With a free user account, Musaic gives the opportunity to independent artists like you to create music and share or distribute it as you feel best—by selling or uploading free downloadable MP3s of your work, trading with other artists or advertising your upcoming performances and shows. By giving total control to the creative source—you—we believe Musaic will be the catalyst for better music as well as generate more circuits for its distribution and evolution. MusaiCentral will help you promote each song through the stats and rating system; therefore, you won’t have to hope or dream to be “discovered.” If your song is good, fame and everything else included in the package will come along. We want to go back to the time where music was fueled by passionate artists with freedom of thinking and decision-making.

We at Musaic will have all of the rewards given to the owner and creator of the music, by cutting out the middle man or any type of broker. At Musaic 100% of the revenue from music transactions goes to the artist. Hopefully, this will give people incentive to obtain material directly from the artist as opposed to downloading music illegally, because they believe in paying artists, not record labels, for what they produce. We hope you enjoy using Musaic, and join us to create a new consciousness while having fun. Finally, if you’re still asking yourself, “Why Musaic?” Well, because without every small tile in place, the mosaic would be incomplete and incomprehensible. This makes every little tile very important. You make Musaic whole—complete. So if music is your passion or even if you’re not a professional musician and just see music as a hobby, accept my invitation and dare to imagine and dream with us.

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Not exactly the stock market, but economics of scale could apply to this.

At Musaic we promote free trade directly from the creative source to the end user by cutting out the middle man. So, grab your piggy bank it might come handy.

Imagine an ultimate free source of new music.

At Musaic we have created a rating system called Musaic Central where you can sort the top 10 songs or artists from different categories. By creating this free-for-all environment we show you only the best of the best, from new bands and artists, rated by fans like you. If this is not enough the Discover section with show everything we have to offer with special sorting tools. So maybe it’s time to upgrade to a larger hard drive.

Q :What is Musaic?

A : Musaic is a project dedicated to providing an interface where artist and fans meet to discover, trade or share their passion for Music.

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